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Anatoly Fomenko

For newcomers to this research and those unfamiliar with the 18th Century work of Sir Isaac Newton, published posthumously as The Chronology of Ancient Kingdoms Amended, we suggest that you begin by viewing the top video (below) as a start in helping to overcome an initial consternation resulting from the Synopsis of Conclusions.

NOTICE: Not everyone is convinced that this work is accurate, especially those researchers uncomfortable with the link recently added by Fomenko referencing and implicitly supporting the Jewish "holocaust" narrative. See Miles Mathis' Critique

This website was registered and placed online for the purpose of making Fomenko's material more readily available to American and other English-speaking readers and researchers. To read the origninal material click the following three links:

Synopsis of Conclusions

English Translation of Opening Page

How It Was In Reality


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Anatoly Fomenko